Sabina de Rochefort | Books
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You just woke up from the reality of daily life, is that true? Well, wake-up to fiction! Yes, in this novel, Berthe had a mother named Emma and a father named Charles. Emma despised Charles. Charles adored Emma – while Gustave (Flaubert) smartly included their relationship in his equation of the human condition – Madame Bovary. When Flaubert dotted the final ‘i’ in his story, Berthe had already been dismissed by fate. Now, in this story, Mademoiselle Bovary is, and I quote: “young, rich, beautiful, without a worry, even though, as I said in the beginning, she has a difficult mission ahead of her”. A mission? Of course, but it has to be unraveled slowly, gently.


Amellia, a young woman from a small town near the Atlantic coast, intersects with countless characters and their lives. Under the spell of Samuel, an American Pygmalion, she is neither Galatea nor Eliza Doolittle, but manages to create a new personality, full of charm and freshness, in this contemporary rewriting of the famous myth of metamorphosis and the unattainable ideal. While the action takes place in contemporary America, the heroes are surrounded by the magical aura of ancient Greece, transforming a box office Hollywood romantic story into a subtle American tragedy.